Erotic holidays in the calendar – what are we celebrating today?

Kalendarz ze świętami erotycznymi

We undoubtedly live in times abounding in all kinds of holidays. Particularly popular are those that sell well for marketing, such as Valentine’s Day. We also have many unusual “holidays” (I am writing this article on the World Day of Prayer, International Day for the Fight against Atomic Assault and the International Librarian Hugging Day). […]

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Gift for Women’s Day – what to buy?

Prezent na Dzień Kobiet

The Women’s Day is approaching inexorably. Nevermind the majority’s dull customs, I adhere to the old principle that every occasion is good for celebration, this concerns especially the ones I get presents for. Following this principle, I decided to write a short note about the gifts. The Women’s Day generally enjoys gloomy fame. Its history […]

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