Erotic birthday presents, or fun for two

If you are looking for an erotic birthday gift for your partner or spouse, it is a sign that you are already at this great stage in a relationship where there are no taboos. You feel at ease with yourself and have long forgotten about shame. It is worth celebrating this and diversifying your sex adventures with various gadgets. Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any other occasion that creates an opportunity to exchange gifts is a good excuse to get even more joy and pleasure.

Erotic gadget as a birthday gift – why is this a good idea?

One might wonder: are erotic accessories a good idea for a gift? Is it not that they are a bit selfish, because they also assume the fun for the giving party? It all depends on whether you put your heart into it and what sexy gadget you are planning to give to your better half. Also: in what mood and circumstances will they receive the present? Erotic gifts carry a promise and a big emotional load, that’s why it’s good to give them in a sexy atmosphere of luxury. Do not forget, however, about the sense of humour – after all, nothing is better for sex than feeling that you can completely relax, you cannot treat such presents too seriously. The common sense and cool head is the key here.

blindfold for eyes devo opium collection

What does the playful gift mean?

When you give your Partner a gift that promises you both a hot night, the message is simple: you are attracted by your Partner and you want to let them know. The more: giving her / him an erotic gift, you give a promise of pleasure, and you should feel obliged to fulfil it. What else comes with such a gift? Time and attention, the two of the most valuable things you can give each other.

How to choose an erotic gift?

If you are picking an erotic gift for your loved one, you are trying to please someone you know perfectly well. The risk that you’ll miss and pick something that causes embarrassment or mocking laughter is very low. What you can think about here is the gradation of pleasure. It is a good idea to visit several erotic stores – online or in-store – to look at their offer and discuss what you would like. You can also treat this trip as fun and only discreetly look at the partner’s reactions to then surprise them with an object that stopped their gaze for a longer time. You do not need to be afraid that you will ruin the surprise. The surprise will be what you will experience together when you bring a gadget into the bedroom, for example to celebrate your birthday.

The perfect gift 

Before we give you some ideas for an erotic birthday present, we want to flag one important thing. Saving on erotic gadgets is never a good idea. Because of a few reasons. First of all: the feeling that connects you is not cheap nor short-lasting or superficial – so why would you give yourself anything other than the best? Choose gadgets that are unique and valuable just like the two of you. Secondly: probably every day you take care of your safety, so why would you forget about it in the bedroom? Cheap gadgets, lacking certificates and untested, can be a threat to your health. Therefore, choosing a gadget we should look at the middle and top shelf to avoid “plastic disappointment”.

What then, do we recommend as an exclusive erotic birthday gift? All sophisticated accessories from the Devo brand, both from the Secret Garden and Opium collection are a perfect gift. The collection includes both restraining accessories and items enabling the sweet punishment, such as handcuffs and ankle cuffs, collars, whips, paddles and riding crops. The brand also offers complete gift sets that contain everything you need in your bedroom all available in a consistent, matching design. Purchasing such a set you turn your bedroom into a Red Room from the “50 Shades of Grey”.

Devo Secret Garden Collection

So … happy birthday and have fun!

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