Erotic games as a way to break the routine in bed

We often ask ourselves how to break the bed routine, because it is obvious to everyone that it’s worth doing it. Since you are here, I assume that you are familiar with the topic. In time, the temperature of each relationship drops as it goes into the stable phase. When we pull off the pink glasses of the falling in love phase, what even a moment ago seemed that we can do with great passion, even every day, becomes tedious and completely pragmatic. The easiest way in the world can just get bored. Nobody would like to eat tomato soup every day for the rest of their lives, no matter how much they like it.

If you have noticed a slight fatigue with your erotic life, it means that it’s time to act to re-ignite the fire in your bedroom before it goes out completely. One of the possible variations is the introduction to the boudoir of various games and activities that will not only be a variety but also push you to try and discover new things. In this article, we will try to describe the options available and recommend something that you can enter into the erotic arsenal.

Why does it make sense – why bother mixing eroticism and fun?

Of course, the question arises why does it make sense? The simple answer is that practically every novelty has. We tend to fall into routine, and there is nothing more harmful than having sex casually. Our erotic sensations should bind us, cement the relationship and make a smile appear on our face. Not only because “we did it”, but also because we cannot wait for the next time.

Erotyczna gra wstępna

Why games?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where erotica is a taboo. It is difficult to talk openly in the topic. Even when we have the best connection in the world, pronouncing certain things causes a blush. First, because we were brought up in a world where such things were considered indecent. Secondly, each of us has a deeply hidden fear of rejection, especially in how important the sphere is for us. Talking about sex in a non-stressful context of the game will allow us to open and talk without being embarrassed.

The reason why we suggest games invented by someone is also the inspiration that comes with them. Our ideas are always limited – whether it’s our experience, knowledge or simply upbringing. Using external inspiration, which may be games or stories written by someone else, we give ourselves a chance to go beyond our normal ideas and get inspired to do something extraordinary.

Simple fun without preparation

Despite the fact that we are writing about erotic games here, you do not have to buy anything or prepare to treat yourself to such entertainment in the bedroom. For unprepared partners we suggest simple word games that will introduce interesting discussions and open you to new types of activities in an erotic atmosphere. Light the candles, change into sexy underwear and try the simple “truth or dare” in this atmosphere. The rules of the game are simple – the partner asks a question, of course from the sexual sphere, you do not want to answer, you have to do the challenge of his choice.

Another example of verbal when it can be “Never, have I ever” is a game in which one person starts a sentence from this statement and then describes what he did not do. The other person only confirms or denies. The party version of the game assumes that the listener is taking a sip of alcohol as a confirmation if he did, but we would like to warn you that in this version you may never get into erotic frolics because excessive consumption just hurts them.

Each practically game that you have at home can easily be turned into an erotic game. Take, for example, cards, it’s easy to play a game of strip poker with them. The rules are simple – the loser draws one thing for each failed game. Here the key is a good preparation – put on the lingerie that will allow for a longer game and a sexy undress show, such as garter belt and two stockings and a set of underwear already provide at least 5 rounds of exciting gameplay. It is also worth remembering that in the case of undressing games you need to take care of the right temperature in the room and preferably some snacks and drinks so that you do not have to run around the house in underwear as soon as you feel like it.

Card games – simple and inspiring

In recent times, there have been many erotic card games on the market that, using simple cards, bring inspiring ideas for new adventures into the bedroom. These games are of different quality and we can find both real gems – intricately made and thoughtful and total misfires with a plastic vibrator and blindfold.

One of the games to be surely provided is “Arcana of Love”. This game has grown to a series in which there are basic cards and additions: Lovers, Domination. Each set consists of different types of cards that have a specific action. Most of them simply describe how the person to whom the card is played should act. It must be remembered that the basic set and Lovers are a version for less advanced, while in Domination we will find more bold proposals. It is definitely worth spending time before to read the instructions and to review the deck and remove cards that simply do not fit in order to avoid spoiling the mood later.

The second proposal is the foreign game of Nookii. This proposition is a hybrid because instead of the set of cards alone, it also uses an alarm clock (such as a second hand for cooking to measure time) and cubes. The game consists of three types of cards that lead the game from the most innocent frolics to the sweet ending. The game in a loose way allows you to plan the foreplay and the essential part of the erotic escapade based on drawn cards. Due to the fact that you do not use them at once – you can enjoy the game without repetitions for several passionate days.

Erotic board games – a combination of sex and fun

Erotic board games differ from card games in the fact that they are not as easily playable in bed because you need space for them. Usually, such a set is a board, cards and cubes – sometimes also gadgets are thrown into the box to diversify the entertainment. Unfortunately, it should be noted that due to the price of the entire box they have a very low chance of being of good quality. This game is best laid out on the table, so we have a choice between the convenience of the game and the convenience of sex.

The classic item in the category of board games for adults is the “Secrets of the Night”. The game is quite simple – with a small board on which we move while heating the atmosphere. It consists of two stages. “Flirt and excitement” are easier tasks that build sexual tension and prepare you for an unforgettable night. “Ecstasy and fulfillment” – this is the culmination of erotic pleasure that will warm you up to redness and lead to the Grand Finale. To win you have to get your pawn to the end of the board by anticipating the partner, although you can say that in this game you will always win.

Noteworthy is the erotic board game “Master”, which introduces lovers into the world of domination and submission. It is a good pretext to present the concept to the Partner at all and get to know his reaction in a relatively safe environment. This game is played on two boards: introduction and initiation. He offers lovers a unique way on which you discover various aspects of BDSM pleasure. A treat for fans of Grey and not only, it is worth a try, because even if it will not be your entertainment for many subsequent evenings, it will surely make you aware that there is “something more” and will allow you to make a choice.

Dressing games as an inspiration

Games in the bedroom do not have to accept only the forms of actual games, all types of costumes can be attached to the category. Having fun in sex works not only stimulating but also relaxes the atmosphere and fulfill your partner’s hidden dreams. In this way, we not only provide him with pleasant impressions, but also make us look at us as at the beginning of the relationship – with wild desire. Of course, these types of games should be introduced slowly and in the right atmosphere.

You can buy many interesting sets to use in the bedroom. At the beginning, we propose sets of intimate jewelry that perfectly emphasize feminine beauty and stimulate the Partner, revealing the most beautiful aspects of a woman. Among such accessories, it is worth mentioning nipple pasties that bring to mind burlesque or oriental crystals straight from the stories of a thousand and one nights. It’s enough to enrich the music with a stylization and turn into an erotic dancer who will seduce everyone. This can also easily be hidden under a robe or even a dress so as to surprise the partner by dropping the outer garment in the bedroom.

biżuteria intymna

There are also various thematic erotic costumes on the market. Among the top picks for women are maids, nurses, policewomen and stewardesses, although the catalogue is much wider. It is worth investing in things a bit better quality because buying a costume for pennies we can simply look poor in it. When it comes to female costumes, a really reasonable quality of domestic production can be obtained for as little as EUR 25-35. Let’s also remember about men’s costumes, which well-chosen can make women soften legs. Unfortunately, there are a lot less costumes for men, and you have to pay 2-3 times more for the quality of your clothes than for the women’s equivalent.

Roleplay in bed – for the advanced

As in classic storytelling games or in computer games in the bedroom, we can also play different roles. It is not about pretending to be an imaginary character, but rather about taking on a role in order to implement a specific sexual fantasy. If both partners are ready for this type of bed game, it can bring really unexpected effects. The embodiment of a character means that we can afford more than normal boudoir adventures. If a given way of fun fits us, we can permanently put it on our sexual menu. If we completely failed, we simply forget about the matter and do not return to the given context until we feel like it.

The only question is how to do it. I will say straight away that this is not an easy thing and you have to think it over well and, above all, be sure that both we and the other party want it. If we’ve already tried dressing up in the bedroom, we’re one step closer to trying this. Putting in a role is nothing more than adopting a certain convention of behaviour and sticking to it in bed. It is not about the embodiment of a specific person, but rather a specific climate. At the beginning it may be difficult to maintain a climate but with time you will see that such erotic pleasures can lead to surprising results.

A simple example is the role of a stripper, which will be a bit of a development of the fun game described above. When planning such an erotic fantasy, first we agree with the partner or we certainly want to do it (for various reasons, the given configuration may not fit your partner, e.g. do not pretend to be a nurse if he is frightened of injections). As before, it is necessary to prepare the right outfit, mood music for dancing, maybe champagne and take on the role of a liberated stripper. To emphasize the fact that you are not yourself, you can try, for example, speak to you through the “would you like me to dance for you, Sir?”.

Sposób na przełamanie rutyny w łóżku - przebieranki

Erotic scenarios – a way to experience a bed adventure

Our Love Scenarios can lead to the fulfillment of the fantasy of ​being someone else in bed and trying new things. Each of them tells a different story depicting an erotic story and introduces a couple of new things into the erotic life. The scenarios are provided with ready descriptions of the situation in which they take place, leading to the realization of a specific fantasy. Using such ready-made “boxes of pleasure” we have the chance to fulfill your dreams or Partner’s dreams of erotic adventures normally unavailable. Let’s remember that, of course, we all sometimes fantasize about unusual bed situations and often give up these desires because we are in a relationship. Nothing could be more wrong, the fact that we are in a mature relationship should make us able to realize them.

How this works? When choosing a script, we familiarize ourselves with its short description and we make sure that it is an adventure that we both want with the Partner. The ordered box has a specific description – what should be done in the form of a simple introduction for Partners, as well as all the necessary gadgets to experience an unforgettable night. The difference between boxes and card or board games is that they offer a large palette of very briefly described events that can be implemented in sequence plus simple gadgets. Here you get one complete night composed together with accessories necessary for its implementation (accessories are premium brands, so you will be served long after an unforgettable night).


So what to expect from games?

The introduction of games and play in the bedroom is another variety that can help you get rid of the routine and broaden the erotic horizons. They can help us understand what we would like to try in sex and what we are not ready for. They are therefore a great way to warm the atmosphere in bed and restore the spark in the bedroom. They also help to realize sexual fantasies and make erotic adventures remain in the memory for a long time. So, answering the question: you should expect pleasure, so it is worth trying today to introduce this variety to your bed life.

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