Erotic gift or how to positively surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day?

Each of us was in a situation where he wanted to choose an unusual gift for the Partner but he lacked ideas. Erotic gifts can be a way to not only positively surprise him but also push your relationship to a higher level. Can only a couple with long-term experience afford such a step? or just the right time is at the beginning of the relationship? There is not one good answer. Here, as with most emotional affairs, it is never too late if we are guided by the right motives.

An erotic gift for a special occasion

The easiest way to dress up is to dress up for the right occasion. Dates such as Valentine’s Day, anniversary or birthday are good pretexts because for these occasions the gift is all the more personal and intimate. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the presents given without any occasion, but I advise against taking the opportunity, which in principle is not associated with sex e.g. Father’s day. To prepare the Partner for the uniqueness of this opportunity, you can build the right mood and even make him expect an “unusual” gift. Suffice little hints to build an atmosphere of uniqueness and eroticism. “On this birthday you get something that you will not want to share with your friends”, already at breakfast, introduces expectations. The gift should also be enclosed with a suitable frame – first cinema, dinner and then a toast and a red box inclining the forbidden content. Contrary to appearances, the journey is as important as the goal and our goal is to make the occasion unique.

How to pick the perfect gift?

In order to dare to take such a step, one must be sure that it will not meet with a definitely negative reception. If your partner always has a negative opinion on the topic, you can soften the message by giving something from the “borderland” than something with a definitely sexual context. You are not sure how he will receive such a move – buy him massage oil of one of the exclusive Organique brands or a Stenders candle and keep the lubricant in the drawer. In this way, you can decide whether to pass on or end this romantic massage. Remember that some people need time to adapt new experiences.

You can also ask your partner about his preferences in a gentle way, referring to a book, a movie or telling him his own vision of the evening. If you’re planning an erotic dance, for example, you can ask him if he ever saw the movie “Striptease” and what he thinks about the dance that the main character performed on the stage. You can also ask if he ever saw belly dancing and what he would think about such a performance from you.

Above all, be yourself

If you are not ready for some things – do not push yourself. Better to be confident in a less spicy situation than a woman who is ashamed to use what she just gave as a gift. In addition to certain strictly defined fantasies, shame spoils the erotic mood and introduces a stiff atmosphere in the bed. During erotic pleasures, no side should feel bad or uncomfortable with what they do – it is the basis of a successful bed life.

So if you want to choose a gift to “make him happy”, think about whether it will be a pleasure for you too. Sex is fun for two and certainly should not be based on the sacrifice of any of the parties. What excites men most is self-confidence and self-awareness of women. Therefore, it is better to let go of the tone and happily take a step together than to run a marathon, gritting your teeth. Remember that for him the most important thing is that you both get joy from what you do.

Surprise him or not surprise him at all

Also, the issue of surprise is very individual. It is impossible to divide people and define whether your partner wants or does not want to be surprised does not depend on his gender or origins – it is a completely individual matter. Think about his preferences as a person – if he hates surprises he can open the door with a big red bow he is not what he will enjoy. A person who does not like surprises can calmly give her more freedom, for example, announcing a visit to an erotic store in a couple or together choosing an online gift and opening the box as a gift whenever it hits your hands. You can also give your beloved voucher, which will allow him to choose the perfect gift in solitude and then enter it into your bedroom.

If your partner is a fan of surprises and sudden turns of action, you can go wild and surprise him with a gift that he does not expect in his wildest fantasies. From opening the door or entering the room in sexy costume through the whole erotic scenarios where instead of erotic objects waiting for him an event that he did not dream about in the most liberated dreams (see the erotic inspirations below).

The right time, the right place

There is nothing worse than getting a dildo in front of your grandmother for a Christmas present. Remember, therefore, that an erotic gift should be given in the right atmosphere. Plan to give it so that the Partner can enjoy the unpacking without family or children in the room. It is also worth remembering about the proper storage of the gift before it goes into the hands of the happy birthday boy. In order not to answer uncomfortable questions in advance, it is best to immediately wrap it in decorative paper.

You can make the event from unpacking the gift, for example by choosing the scene and circumstances accordingly. If you absolutely want your partner’s heart to beat faster and you cannot give him a gift in private, you can always add a sheet of socks to the packet insinuating that there is a “second gift” hidden in the bedroom closet. Of course, I recommend that the message be encrypted so that it cannot be guessed by outsiders and, for example, reflect your lips with red lipstick on the Christmas card. Such a form of handing over the gift will not let it go away quickly. You can also raise the partner’s pressure by handing him an erotic gift in the restaurant and asking for the box to be open discreetly. After which, quite calmly order coffee and dessert without allowing him to go home immediately to consume the gift.

The quality of the gift in the first place

When it comes to erotic presents, it is very important not to spoil the impression by investing in a poor quality item. Such a gift is to inspire closeness and be a contribution to many exciting moments. Therefore, if our idea is to give electronics, we must set to tackle the expense. With erotic accessories is just like with phones – do you think that someone getting a phone without a name in a plastic bag would immediately throw himself to start using it? Therefore, let’s look at the sexual toys of reputable manufacturers such as Lelo rather than low quality toys available on auction sites. In the case of the latter, you risk that the sound of a burning motor will ruin your fun.

Let us invest in nice items not only for the body but also for the eye – such accessories will be more often placed on the bedside cabinet. It is also worth taking care that the chosen gadget was beautifully packed to enjoy the eye and encourage you to put it into action immediately. For connoisseurs, various well-known brands have ready-made gift sets, which usually enjoy an eye-catching series of thematically related accessories, which are exquisitely packed to give the impression of luxury when the package is opened.

Keep your options open

It can always happen that you do not pick the right a present. Unfortunately, such things also happen and in such a moment, first of all, you need to keep the distance. In bed, nothing should be forced, so if your partner declares a lack of readiness for some options, you simply have to respect his choice. It is important to let him get out of the face and not press or guilt him. A relationship is an institution in which people grow and develop together based on mutual trust. A gift is just a gift – what you have is much more valuable.

If it happens. Gifted, he looks stupidly at the gift and something like “No, never in my life” escapes his lips.

First of all: keep it cool – you may have misjudged his appetite for new things, abstracting from what he says is not necessarily thinking.

Second: Give him the way out – tell me, I bought it because I wanted to show that you are so important to me that I will do whatever you want.

The last rule: Give him what he really wants so he will not get discouraged. Nobody wants to be rejected but the worst thing that can happen is a lack of understanding and pretending in bed.

After such an experience, honestly talk about what he wants and just treat him. Even if you think of his fantasies as novice games, not all of us grow at the same pace and there is nothing worse than a stressed Partner in the bedroom.

A bit of inspiration

It is said that experiences are much more valuable than things. For those seeking this type of experience, we suggest trying one of the specially written erotic scenarios. These tasteful boxes contain sexual fantasies written down and ready to be used along with all the items you will need during their implementation. Scenarios are written in the form of love adventures that symbolize fantasies that can accompany couples and open them to new experiences.

It’s worth taking the time to choose the right scenario for you so that you can adapt it to your preferences. Erotic boxes are available on three levels: Romance, Experiment and Transcendence. We recommend starting with the simplest romantic ecstasies and then leisurely traveling through the next sexual adventures.

The box can be given to the partner as a gift so that he can open it and take part in an erotic adventure. If you like to be surprised, you can open this on site and carry out the script written inside. In addition to the items needed to implement and the scenario in the box you will also find instructions for both people so that they can fully enjoy the world of sexual adventures.

And what an erotic gift to choose?

In relationships, as in life, there is no simple recipe for success. Whether you choose a simple massage candle or a complex erotic scenario, each choice will develop and allow you to gain new experience. That’s what it’s about, is not it? Surprising each time and having a stronger heartbeat at the thought of Saturday night. For me, no matter how many years you have spent with a given person, it is important whether you are still curious about what he has to offer.

It is worth to untie the moorings and embark on a journey into the unknown. Because it is better to regret things you tried than those who lacked courage to know. Be yourself and choose whatever you think is right.

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