Erotic holidays in the calendar – what are we celebrating today?

erotyczne święta seks

We undoubtedly live in times abounding in all kinds of holidays. Particularly popular are those that sell well for marketing, such as Valentine’s Day. We also have many unusual “holidays” (I am writing this article on the World Day of Prayer, International Day for the Fight against Atomic Assault and the International Librarian Hugging Day). You can easily get lost in this mix, but following a good rule that in every nonsense you can find something positive, I decided to find something for myself on the canvas of omnipresent celebration.

Of course, the first question is why it is worth celebrating anything and this in combination with eroticism? In my opinion everything that will help us break the bed routine is welcome. With time, the temperature of each relationship decreases as it goes into a stable phase. When we pull off the pink glasses of the falling in love, what just a moment ago it seemed that we can do every day becomes routine and does not cause blushes anymore. Therefore, with time it is worth introducing something new into your sexual life.

Why is it worth celebrating?

The introduction of new holiday rituals will definitely help to re-light the fire in the bedroom. Just like any other variety, it will make us wait impatiently for this day and get much more joy from the event itself. Planning for an erotic holiday makes us we subconsciously prepare for something special and it is easier for us to make the evening not a bit “ordinary”. It works here the same principle as on New Year’s Eve. On this special night there is something that makes everyone prepare for it and try to make it unforgettable (which usually goes well). Taking any other night out of the event it would be difficult to arrange a party with such a success.

The second reason is that choosing a holiday can be tantamount to telling the partner what we really would like to do. The calendar has a feast for every erotic whim, and we can choose from both novelty holidays and those that we normally celebrate – adding a sexy flavour to them. Our commercial world is trying to create this tradition by generating, for example, Santa’s sexy costumes which are popular around December 6th (not to discriminate against a wide selection of Santa’s Elves and elves), and for real fans there are even Santa’s dildos.

Czerwona bielizna erotyczna

And last but very important reason – Christmas cannot be moved (or at least it should not be). So choosing a day for an erotic adventure will provide you with a fairly constant implementation date and will not let the Partner postpone it for later. Choosing the right one can correlate the Holiday with the weekend and the moment when you have time – it should be announced early not to collide with anything already planned, and even cause some preparations on the Partner’s side to make your plans go well.

Erotic timetable

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of holidays on the calendar – both older and modern ones from which one can choose. Of course, the producers of erotic gadgets mainly focus on St. Nicholas Day and Valentine’s Day, but both topics are quite well known, so they will not surprise anyone. The advantage of these dates is the fact that the erotic industry is well prepared for them, so your invention may be limited to the purchase of the appropriate suit and gadgets – for both occasions necessarily in red colour.

Erotic overtone is undoubtedly all pagan holidays, which invariably associated with the celebration of life and freedom. One of my favourites is Kupala Night (or wreaths) a pagan holiday associated with the summer solstice, which falls at the turn of June and July. Feast of fire, water, sun and moon, fertility, freedom, joy and love, commonly celebrated in areas inhabited by Slavic people. This holiday was celebrated by lighting the fire, letting water wreaths and searching for a fern flower. During this unique holiday sex can be offered to a partner dressed solely in a wreath or a naked bath before the night.

Noc Kupały - kobieta z wiankiem na głowie

In Japan, from the 16th century, the Kanamara Matsuri festival took place, in other words, celebrations in honor of the great iron penis celebrated on the first Sunday of April. The basis of these ceremonies is a legend about a woman who became an object of demonic love. The malicious demon prevented her from mating, biting off the nature of her potential partners. It was only the huge iron penis with which she had intercourse that freed her from an unwanted devotee. This holiday is still celebrated today and involves dancing around an iron phallus or eating sweets in its shape. I am sure that every lady can find an inspiration here that will surprise a nice lover.

Ancient rituals

Long time ago, sex was not such a taboo as it is now. Of course, it had its good and bad sides (as well as most things) although we can bring some positive aspects from the traditions of our ancestors. Most of the ancient civilizations treated sexuality with great seriousness and sex took a rather important place in life. Clearly, the sex “as a marital duty” was also distinguished, which aimed at begetting a descendant of sex for pleasure, which he obviously did not have. Immerse yourself in their world and think about what we want to get out of our bedroom.

In ancient Rome, sex played a key role in both political and religious life. The Romans proudly celebrated Bacchanalia or the holiday of Bacchus or Dionysius, which penetrated into Rome and took root especially in southern Italy. Bacchanalia started in Greece as Dionysia – a feast of theatre and feast sprinkled with large amounts of wine celebrated at the turn of March and April. Instead, they landed in Italy as a feast of wine and eventually turned into a riotous orgies until they were banned by the Roman Senate in 186 BC.


Of course, it is not always possible to find a holiday that would match the day we plan for our erotic elation or the climate of our ancestors does not suit us. So if we do not want to cultivate pagan traditions, we can always decide to celebrate the birthday of a deserving person in the field of sex. We have a lot of choice here and what is more, we can make the selected day immediately suggest to us what bed games we want to implement.

And so, on June 2, we get to the birthday of the Marquis de Sade (which took place in 1740). The Marquis himself probably wrote more than he did, but his works have forever changed the face of eroticism and introduced certain concepts into the collective consciousness. He was undoubtedly a rebel and hedonist who questioned both the political system and sexual habits of people. Just as I do not recommend reading his works, which can be considered quite iconoclastic, I recommend the climate of his adventures and erotic pleasures of BDSM. As for the suggestion for this evening, I assume that it is quite intuitive. For those seeking inspiration, we have a whole set that will help you enjoy the forbidden pleasure.

Devo Opium Collection

The second day worth noting is the birthday of Giocomo Casanova, which took place on April 2, 1725 in Venice. As you probably remember, Casanova was known for the fact that thanks to his published memoirs he became a synonym for the seducer. This intellectual, rowdy and undoubtedly clever politician in his memoirs describes numerous romances (according to his memoirs he had affairs with 122 different women). Although the details of his boudoir feats remain unknown, it is known that he put a lot of energy into the seduction of his lovers – which is worth using during bed fun (starting, for example, in the early evening in a restaurant).

So why is it worth celebrating?

Celebrating different occasions in the bedroom is another variety that can help you get rid of the routine and start the fire in the bedroom. Introducing sexual holidays will give you time to build tension before a specific event and will certainly warm the atmosphere. Also using such sources of inspiration will develop your erotic horizons and make you as a couple look for inspiration in various places. It will be something that only connects you and causes a mysterious smile on your face the next day at work.

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