Experiments and roleplay in bed

Let’s agree: each of us at least once in a lifetime participated in a performance and played someone else. Was it at school during an academy or in the student experimental theater, or maybe during a customer presentation or a job interview. We all know what it’s like to play a different character. The question is, have you tried to introduce roleplay into the bedroom? If you say you do not have any erotic fantasies – I will not believe it. Everyone has them. From the most innocent, when a really handsome policeman stops us on the road up to the really naughty ones. Whatever your sexual fantasies, I think it’s worth discovering them and incorporating them into your bed repertoire. Today, we will write about how to get to know your desires. How to get along with a partner for a bedroom roleplay session and find out what excites you. And finally, how to go transfer the innocent fantasies we all have into a night full of erotic elation.

The most popular sex fantasies and erotic experiments in the world

You are probably wondering why I am writing with such certainty that erotic fantasies accompany most of us. Well, fantasizing about sexual adventures with someone other than our permanent partner is evolutionarily conditioned and completely natural. No need to be afraid – we should use this fact to once again light the fire in your bedroom. The most common female fantasies include men in the role of uniformed firefighter, policeman, a pilot or soldier. Ladies long not only for the fact that their partner has a helmet on his head and a fire extinguisher in his hand, it comes to the whole setting of flirting with a stranger and talking about hypothetically non-erotic topics with a deep sexual undertone. The piquancy of this situation is added by the fact that both sides know what is the purpose of the game and subconsciously orientate themselves to sex. It is worth noting that in the case of women’s fantasies, a man’s outfit does not have to be “erotic” at all because showing the naked body is not necessary to light the heat of desire.

Gentlemen are a totally different story, they would like to meet sexually hungry nurses, teachers, maids or schoolgirls in bed. And here is an important tip. For men, it’s not just about playing the imagination and talking with the subtext. The outfit itself is also important – that’s why I personally recommend giving up the actual shapeless outfit of the nurse in favour of his erotic lingerie counterpart that does not leave much to the imagination.

Rolplay w łóżku -maska wenecka

Many couples agree: pretending to be strangers is one of the most common fantasies when it comes to playing erotic games. It’s not just about dressing up as a representative of a particular profession. Ever since the boom on “50 shades of Grey”, games based on those from the red room are also a source of inspiration. In this case, we do not play the person or rather we are in a theoretical situation that is not typical for our erotic lives. Fantasies about an austere Master and an innocent girl (or vice versa) can be realized thanks to various gadgets.

How do you find the right erotic themes?

Just talk about your fantasies, for example, plan an evening of talking about your sexual fantasies above a bottle of wine. The discussion about sex alone can be as exciting as putting your fantasy into life. In such a conversation you can speak about your dreams without shame. Starting with a conversation about the lighter topics, it will be easier to tell in time if the Partner approves your ideas. In the conversation it is also easy to find out what our mutual boundaries are.

Maybe you’ll watch the movie together and want to recreate scenes from it? It does not have to be an erotic movie, in the end, sooner or later there will be bed scenes (let’s take the iconic scene in the Titanic’s luggage). If you decide on an actual erotic film, pay attention to the fact that it is maintained in a convention, which you do not necessarily want to copy literally. Treat these types of films as a source of inspiration rather than a textbook.

However, do not be too suggestive of statistics and what others do. Planning a sexual game requires learning the preferences and limits of the Partner and adjusting the bed game to these boundaries. You will only need a little initiative and you can move straight from discussion on an erotic journey. For those of you who do not feel up to create their own sex scenario, we have created ready to use erotic scenarios (along with a set of necessary items) that will allow you to experience an unforgettable night.


Show must … turn on, or striptease as an introduction to erotic games

If you are not convinced yet to try something specific, one of your first experiments may be a sensual striptease. It is not at all complicated, you just play the erotic club client and an enthusiastic dancer. Prepare something to drink (e.g. champagne), turn on the music that suits you and the show begins where the woman dances for her Partner. At the beginning it is good to suggest to the Partner that he is not to stop the dance and keep his hands with him, as in a real club. If he sticks to this assumption, he will be warmed up and ready to go long before the dance is over. It’s worth getting ready and practicing the show. Well here, especially multi-element underwear for her will work – with additions like burlesque pasties, garters or a Venetian mask (e.g. Bojoux Indiscrets Anna).

Roleplay with our love scenarios

The love scenarios, that we have prepared for you contain instructions and objects necessary to experience an unforgettable adventure all locked in an elegant box. We have divided the scenarios into three types depending on how advanced you are in sexual adventures as a couple. In total, we have for you 9 different scenarios that will allow you to experience unforgettable erotic adventures. Each box also contains accessories, which are necessary to have engage in the sex scenario. These items are the highest quality erotic gadgets and will stay in your bedroom long after the erotic game ends. Of course, one more ingredient is needed to realize the fantasy is your time. Sometimes a sexual adventure can last up to several hours, so make sure you have time to devote yourself completely to the experience.

Ścieżka „Romance” path focuses on a delicate erotic games from the beginning of the relationship, refers to dating and enjoying the closeness of bodies. Depending on the chosen scenario, the game will involve seduction during the first date where both sides know that the adventure will end in bed, an erotic bath in the bathtub which geishas treated their masters or a sensual massage of the whole body with a happy ending.

Do you want to experiment in bed? You will achieve this on the „Experiment”, path, where a stern teacher gives a lesson in submission, you will organize a XXX movie night out or you will learn how to enjoy the touch without the noise of the world around you. Finally, the highest, toughest level of  „Transcendence”, on which you will reach the study of common boundaries and crossing them. Choose between the scenario in which the strict Master teaches his partner discipline (or vice versa), the one in which the person is literally tied to the bed or anal sex in a romantic version. You can choose the right scenario together or treat the box as an erotic surprise that you give to your partner as a gift.

When to start experimenting?

Are you still wondering if it is worth to introduce erotic experiments in your bedroom? Well, it is really important to choose the right moment. Sexual roleplay will most certainly help you to light the fire in the bedroom and introduce new fun to your erotic life. However, it must be remembered that it is not a cure for a crisis in a relationship. It is rather a way to restore fire and mutual fascination, as well as to broaden sexual horizons. And, the most important word at the end, it will only work if you both want it. We wish you good luck in sexual searches, develop sails and sail together towards the uncharted land of sexual roleplay.

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