Gift for Women’s Day – what to buy?

The Women’s Day is approaching inexorably. Nevermind the majority’s dull customs, I adhere to the old principle that every occasion is good for celebration, this concerns especially the ones I get presents for. Following this principle, I decided to write a short note about the gifts. The Women’s Day generally enjoys gloomy fame. Its history is associated with a half-wilted flower given by a colleague from work and a little smack of communism. I, however, decided to give this festival a slightly different feeling – it is a celebration of strong women and the celebration of their needs, so let’s start with inspiration.

The power of femininity

The Women’s Day is about celebrating femininity both in its delicate version and strong women who have courageously shaped our destinies. Thinking about this day, I am thinking of Marie Curie-Sklodowska, who not only revolutionized chemistry, but also created a successful relationship with her husband. I think about how she managed to combine her professional passion with mutual fascination with another person. I am thinking of Amelia Earhart, whose husband tried to find her a year after her disappearance, and who was forever in history as a woman-pilot, who never yielded to her colleagues. Looking at these examples, it seems to me that strong women are not only incredibly inspiring but also attractive for men.

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What exactly are we celebrating?

Of course, a traditional flowers could also do the trick. But let’s be honest for a while – why a gift given from duty should ever be accepted with enthusiasm? To make a good choice of a gift for the occasion, let’s think about what we are celebrating. The Women’s Day is a celebration of the fact that women can, equally with men, enjoy all the pleasures of life. It is a celebration of both the right to vote and the right to (multiple) orgasm. This holiday should remind us how wonderful is the fact that we are women and that men are made to realize that our emancipation helped in their bed experiences. If not for our friends’ smoking corsets, we would still be doing it only in the dark, on our back and thinking about our homeland.

Why are strong women attractive for men?

The question I am trying to answer for a long time. Why, with all the mythology of a strong man, each man dreams of being bedridden and staying at the mercy of a strict lady? I never manager to get a straigtforward answer, but it just is what it is. The power of femininity, a woman aware of her strengths and using power over a man is an unconquerable fantasy for the other sex. Therefore, this special holiday can be dedicated to the discovery of the previously unknown pleasure of female domination. What can you get better as a gift than the opportunity to do everything she wants with her partner?

So what about this gift for Women’s Day?

After long consideration, I decided that the best gift for Women’s Day would be for men to put the control into the hands of their Partner. That is why I propose that on this day (or rather a special night) get gadgets that will allow you to submit. A great idea are always handcuffs, which you can use not only to put on, but also to put a person to bed or chair. For the more liberated women, a horse or whip will be appropriate so that they can show their Partner what a really strong woman is. Properly given Gift along with the right narrative, can lead to a significant rise in temperature in the bedroom and change the Women’s Feast on the Day of Sex.

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What romantic gifts will satisfy her?

And what if your Lady prefers more delicate games? Of course, flowers are always ok, but rather will not ignite the love flame. We offer a slightly more erotic/romantic pleasure. You can offer your woman a romantic massage with aromatic oil, or a hot candle specially designed for this type of pleasure. Such a gift, not even necessarily ending in sexual intercourse, will surely bring you closer. You can also offer your partner one of our specially designed boxes from the Romance series, which will provide a romantic scenario for an unforgettable evening.

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