How to convince your Partner to a change in the bedroom

To begin with, the essential question is: why change anything it in the bedroom at all? Because this is how you keep the temperature in the relationship, constantly at the same high level. The only way to convince the Partner to change something in the bedroom is through… a complete lack of persuasion. It is not about one of you presenting the other advantages of a gadget or a new position. The main trouble is so that the both of you need to be convinced that you need the change. So its not about introducing something by force, because none of the parties can do something against their will. You need to work out together whether the change is both needed and wanted by both Parties.

What changes in the bedroom can you make?

You can introduce new items in the bedroom both in the field of accessories and positions, which you use behind closed doors. The difference is that the sensual accessories are a little easier to enter. Advanced positions straight from the Kama Sutra often require a lot of physical fitness and often end in fatigue, rather than lead to orgasm. Before you take a figure Y, G force, triumphant bow, scissors or cascade, you have to practice regularly (this time in the gym) and stretch.

Meanwhile, erotic toys for adults, the proposals of which we are about to present in a short period of time, basically require only charging or putting next to the bed and are ready to support your erotic adventures. Remember, however, that to give you full satisfaction and at the same time security, these gadgets must be of adequate quality. Cheap bazaar accessories is more of a threat than the road to pleasure.

 Black feather for ticklingErotic gadgets in the role of novelty in the bedroom

Begin gently by introducing, for example, elements of tantric sex, erotic massage or gentle tickling with a black feather. Such a caress, if it lasts long enough, can become a sweet torture unbearable, especially if the tickled person becomes self-conscious

If tickling is not enough for you, you can try something similar but stronger, coming from the BDSM area. We are talking about the red Devo floggerwhich we recommend to those couples who would like to introduce into the bedroom a bit of delicious pain.

Let’s go further – maybe you would like to feel the vibration again, preferably at the same time. In such a situation, a vibrator for couples (e.g. Lelo Tiani 3 Black) will be available, containing a remotely controlled massager, which can also be used during intercourse. Thanks to them, you will adjust the tempo and finish together.


Vibrator for couples lelo tiani 3

Have you tried anal sex?

One way to diversify your nights is to change the way you make love to each other. Perhaps you have been tempted by anal sex for a long time, but were you afraid to try? Unnecessarily, because most of the myths associated with it are completely false, coming from bad experience of people who did not approach the subject correctly. In Releve we have prepared for you a whole set of relaxing, moisturizing and relaxing lubricants, sprays, eg Analyse Me, which will make it easier for you to enjoy the pleasure of Greek love. Exactly how to approach the topic, we will write soon, because it certainly requires deepening.

Where to get more ideas for new adventures in the bedroom?

New ideas for sensual solutions in the bedroom can be drawn from various sources. It is important that your sex life does not become boring. Movies and erotic literature, blogs, sometimes even browsing sex shop offers – all of this can bring you more inspiration. It is important to rotate together in the sphere of erotica as often as possible, because jointly discovering new areas, even theoretical ones first, will make sure that none of you will have to be convinced of practical changes in the bedroom. You can also opt for ready erotic scenarios and gamesthat will reveal the areas you have not explored before.


The most important rule is this: do not look for a way to convince the Partner to make a change in the bedroom. The decision to introduce new products should be the result of the readiness of both parties to ignite a new fire in their erotic life. Only then will new and unknown give you full satisfaction and fulfilment in bed. Otherwise, even light pressure and the feeling of being persuaded of something may even make it impossible to enjoy an orgasm. It will be easier for you to decide on new items or gadgets, if together – theoretically – you will discover the sensual art of physical love and thus stimulate each other for new adventures.

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