How to ignite the lust? Seduction lessons for her and for him

We announced some time ago that we would not teach the basics of the art of love, in the end our offer is directed to those who have already taken their first steps in the bedroom a long time ago. Let no one be deceived by this perverse title – this time, we have gathered more ideas on how to arouse desire in the form of “lessons”, but directed not to the novices in ars amandi. And although playing a sexy teacher and an inexperienced student may be one of your fantasies, it’s not included in this article.

Lesson I: Secrets are sexy

The fact is that what is unexpected and unspoken, leaves room for the imagination and is the most appealing to us. That’s why it will arouse sexual anticipation when we invite our Partner on a mysterious date without giving any details. Just a short note on decorative paper left on his pillow before going to work, and on it: time, place of meeting and the expected outfit. It can be an introduction to an unforgettable evening or a whole weekend of erotic elations.

Lesson II: We all desire what we cannot have

The theme is not attractive if it is the “princess in the tower” or “the snow queen” theme, but otherwise this is certain to raise his hartbeat. The game is to tempt and then refuse in an erotic game. What tempts, and at the same time is kept at a distance, will work surely raise the temperature in your relationship. How to apply it in practice? Since you have already gone on a mysterious date, you can start fantasizing at the time and establish a specific, unnecessary close date for the fantasies’ implementation. Just talking about what you will do to each other will be stimulating. And also knowing that you will not get what you want straight away …

How to arouse his desire?

Lesson III: slow discovery works best

This time the classes are only for girls, though … maybe we should not be so limited. If you have not tried it in the bedroom yet, and you are wondering how to arouse his desire in the bedroom, check how the sensual striptease will work. You can arrange it with accessories, gadgets and props from Releve. Feel like in Moulin Rouge or Madame Q, turn on properly sensual music (maybe something from Miss Peggy Lee or Marylin Monroe?). Act like on Dita Von Teese and put on the Regard Indiscret striptease set from Bijoux IndiscretIt consists of an elegant belt of pearls, fluffy, black boas and classic burlesque pasties, or sequin stickers with fringes on nipples. Give yourself to the erotic dance and see how delighted your man will be.

Lesson IV: we want pleasure to last forever

Once you have ignited your senses, you will want your pleasure to endure forever and this is not surprising at all. That is why we have prepared a whole set of gadgets in Releve, which serve to prolong and delay the grand finale, which, by the way, will be even more intense. One of them is the Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Wild Couples Kit, which consists of a vibrant erection ring, silicone anal beads, whip and mask.

Fifty Shades Darker Kinky Fuckery Wild Couples Kit


Equipped with our ideas on how to arouse lust, you can start thinking about more. Finally, creativity is the most important thing when it comes to lighting the fire in your bedroom. It is important that you continue to develop fantasies and cross the next borders together. Your only enemy is boredom, but with a little fantasy you can easily defeat it.

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