How to introduce erotic gadgets into your bedroom?

If you’ve come to this site, you’re probably wondering how to spice up erotic life. In our opinion, each variety can help re-ignite the fire in the bedroom. It is worth using different accessories and erotic gadgets for this purpose. But how do you know what will work, if you have never tried? I think it’s time to address your nature as an explorer and start experiments with new areas of eroticism. In the end, the mere exploration of the subject matter can make the flame of desire flare up stronger than ever. We have three hints for you – which we have differentiated depending on the level of experience you expect, your openness and willingness to cross the borders together. We will tell you how to bring gadgets into the bedroom, such as vibrators or stimulators, bondage elements and BDSM equipment.

Vibrators and massagers – modern gadgets in the bedroom

When it comes to the market of erotic gadgets, we are very lucky. What a dozen years ago was an ugly piece of latex now is not only well-designed but also based on the latest technology. For starters, if you are looking for something gentle and at the same time giving a lot of pleasure, try massagers. They will help you change your usual massage into unearthly experience. Especially if you use an oil or lubricant for this occasion, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. For ladies who prefer penetration we also recommend vibrators. With a little bit of sensual music, you can turn your vibrator into a sexy show that will warm up your partner.

Our offer includes vibrators from the renowned Swedish producer LELO. We often get questions about why we decided on this producer, so in this area it is not worth saving on quality – after all, we buy something for our own unlimited pleasure. These small wonders of technology have been designed to combine luxury design with advanced technology: they are waterproof, equipped with a variety of programs, and above all – allow for extended caresses: they work up to 2 hours without interruption. We have checked and confirmed – no other allow so much fun for so long. Thanks to them, you can give each other pleasure in many different ways. The toys of this manufacturer give the full spectrum – from very strong massagers to toys for couples to use during intercourse. There are also marvels of technology that allow you to control the Partner’s vibrator even from the other room. Undoubtedly these erotic gadgets will provide you with many sleepless nights together.

Wibrator Lelo Tiani 2

Bondage accessories – unlimited restraint

There is something exciting in binding and being tied up. Maybe it’s about the exciting loss of control and staying at the mercy of the other person or maybe giving yourself unlimited pleasure without the need for a rematch. If you are considering introducing bondage elements into the bedroom, you can do it in many ways. From completely innocent beautifully decorated handcuffs, through special bondage ropes to complete restraint sets installed on the bed. It all depends on how far you want to go in restraint and what the other person is ready for. What’s the best in bondage? No way to escape the coming bliss. Remember, however, that if you do not need advanced skills to use handcuffs and bonding kits, to use a rope to Shibari you must first learn the principles of this sophisticated bondage art. For comfort, we can say that the learning of basic nodes is not difficult and on the internet you can find a lot of materials and even videos with instruction.

Why not try BDSM into the bedroom?

It may be that you are looking for even stronger experiences and you want to introduce tougher practices to your erotic life. You may then be interested in gadgets for domination or punishment. The introduction of BDSM accessories into the bedroom can help you find pleasure in completely different ways than before. You can light a passion by organizing a separate room for this type of fun. Just like in books and movies you’ve definitely heard about. If this is your erotic dreams, take a look at our cute play set. In our store you will find paddles, whips and riding crops, thanks to which you can involve in a spanking session or show how your Partner how to stand or sit for your pleasure. If you are also into gags you can pick from straight or ball-gags for your pleasure. For real connoisseurs of the art of Marquis de Sade, we have prepared an exclusive Devo accessories set that will transform your bedroom into a Red Room straight from the “50 Faces of Grey” movie.

Krzyż do krępowania na drzwi


If you’re still wondering how to introduce erotic gadgets in your bedroom, the short answer is: first you have to feel like it. If you both want to cross borders and try something new to light up the fire in your bedroom, the moment is right. Just find out which erotic accessories look inviting to you, order them in our store and wait for an exciting parcel. We are sure that even the smallest variety can introduce unexpected effects into your sexual life. We are sure that just searching for gadgets will bring you and your Partner joy that may lead to unexpected pleasures.

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