How to make a woman happy? 5 sensual ways

The International Women’s Day is approaching. Although every day belongs to exceptional women, on the 8th of March you should focus on them and their pleasures even more. Probably many men are looking for an idea how to give their partner pleasure. We present 5 original ideas on how to make a woman happy – not only on Women’s Day or Valentine’s Day, but also on any other day. These methods can be used together as successive stages of the same exciting evening or each of them can be a separate romantic adventure. To help you in the conversion of the evening together in an erotic game, we have prepared for you love scenarios that will provide you with an unforgettable night for two.

1. Let her feel special – a romantic dinner

We will immediately explain this heading: Your woman IS unique, if only because you have chosen her from dozens of other women. But do you give her that acknowledgement every day? Do not allow routine to turn into boredom and start spending time together, not only in the comfort of your home. It is worth going out into a premises where you have never been before and try new flavors. Starting the evening with a romantic dinner will undoubtedly bring you into the right mood for hot bed games. Please note that dinner in a good restaurant is a motif of one of our love scenarios: Temptation. Feel like you do your first dates and spend long hours talking or … change the scenery in a short time going straight to the bed. Dinner builds the mood, but also increases the anticipation of what will happen after leaving the restaurant.

2. Create the mood – a sensual bath

There is nothing more relaxing than a shared romantic bath. You can decide to go for it after dinner – or as a separate event. We especially recommend rituals such as the Japanese love bath from Shunga, which became the basis of our romantic scenario “Chemistry of Love”. The choice is yours: you can spend a few hours in the bathtub or immediately after bathing, take a hot body massage in the comfort of your bedroom.

Zmysłowa kąpiel w wannie z szampanem

3. Heat up the atmosphere – an erotic full body massage

It is the massage that we have made the main point of another of our bedroom proposals. We have prepared for you a rich set of Japanese essential oils, aphrodisiacs with various aromas, so that you can taste the massage with all your senses (Check: the love scenario “Masseuse”). You can also try a far eastern feather for the most delicate caresses, which will become a sweet torture, or something stronger – one of our personal massagers, which will guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the grand finale.

4. Show her that you care – a sexy gift

We all like gifts, there is no need to deny it. The truth is that the more often you give your woman gifts, the more satisfied she will be. On the occasion of Women’s Day you can give her a playful gift that will please both of you: a box full of erotic gadgets. Take a look at our Venetian masks, which will turn your meeting into a scene straight from the Venice carnival. If it’s ready for something braver, give it to one of the exclusive Lelo sets (e.g. Lelo Dare Me) or a tasteful set Devo Collection, which will please every lady with both modern design and aesthetics.

Devo, Opium collection erotic set


5. Make her blush – an erotic surprise

So how to make a woman happy? It’s best to make her remember this special night and long after the bouquet of flowers goes into oblivion. Make her heart beat faster to remember this special night. You know your partner better than anyone else. Consider, therefore, how to make the fire in your bedroom burn stronger on this special night. If you do not want to create an erotic adventure yourself, you can use one of our love scenarios. Certainly they will cause a blush on her face long after you finish your erotic adventure with a grand finale.


We all know that making your Partner really enjoy is not the easiest task, but it certainly gives satisfaction to both parties. We personally recommend trying out all of these ways. Not only for one unforgettable night, but for two and three. What we can guarantee is the fact that efforts to satisfy the Partner in bed will not remain unrequited. Men who work to please a woman immediately notice a positive impact on the relationship. So we wish you good luck in your erotic journeys and we keep our fingers crossed for your shared, unforgettable evenings.

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