Tantric sex – what is it and what are the rules?

We announced that we would not omit any kind of sex. We know that each couple finds themselves in other sex scenarios, which is why we will inspire you to all kinds of ecstasy. And the practice shows that the couples who talk to each other about their experience tend to discover new sexual horizons together. That is why we encourage you to try tantric sex – a Far Eastern, Oriental technique practiced by the creators of Kamasutra. Tantric sex is about striving to focus energy and controlled release. And in simple words? Tantric sex will allow you to enjoy a sexual journey to the Grand Finale. These are erotic ways that will allow you to get to know your bodies better and give each other pleasure, as well as control orgasms to make the good last longer.

Czym jest seks tantryczny i skąd się wywodzi

What is and what is not tantric sex?

It is certainly one of those types of love around which many myths have appeared over the years. It results from numerous film and literary references, which were often humorously related to this concept. In our imagination we have pictures of couples making love in the lotus position, or sophisticated poses in triangles or even richer configurations. It would seem that his experience requires extraordinary physical fitness, but nothing more wrong. For starters the willingness to try is enough.


In fact, tantric sex, like the whole tantra, is above all the full experience and immersion into the feeling of sex. It can be said that the modern equivalent is the popular mindfulness trend, but here instead of eating raisins we will experience overwhelming orgasms. It’s a philosophy, a way of thinking. It requires a sincere and open approach to sex, focusing attention on your bodies and deliberate action to achieve ecstasy. It will not take place without mutual trust, a feeling of security and the assumption that this night we are only for the pleasure of our and our partner. There is no place to rush here, the highest good is to achieve sexual nirvana.

What is tantric sex about?

Tantric sex relies on constant improvement of erotic life with the chosen Partner, so that none of you have enough of this relationship – neither emotionally nor physically. It is about constantly nurturing the relationship by both partners, introducing a variety and ensuring that the fire in the bedroom never fades. Matching characters and values ​​go hand in hand here with sexual matching (or rather adjustment, because achieving this match is a process).

The fact that tantric sex works and strengthens the relationship is being promoted by Sting and his wife. They openly talk about their erotic life and the satisfaction they derive from it and emphasize: you are never too old for sex. They also explain that fulfilling sexual needs is the basis of any happiness. In this philosophy you have to love often, for a long time and with attention to detail to achieve full satisfaction. He lists tantric sex as one of the secrets of his successful marriage. It is worth introducing its principles into the bedroom, at least slowly and imperturbably, diversifying the bed games.

Books about tantric sex

Obraz boga Wisznu

We are not trying to explain in one short article how to do tantric sex. Such a subtle yet powerful technique requires time and a thorough understanding of the Partner’s needs in order to achieve sexual fulfilment in her. Therefore, before you try to delve into its secrets, play a different game: feel like students again and with the flushes on your faces trace the items (first bibliographic) that describe this method of practicing love. Below are a few items that will not teach you tantric sex, but they will surely provide you with some exciting evenings (and nights). For what is sexier than getting to know the secrets of sex together. Just knowing that you dedicate this evening to trying something new together will allow you to warm up the temperature in the bedroom in an exciting way.

Practical tantric sex

This is a book by the Polish author Dariusz Łukasz Zalewski. It is a condensed and brief guide, full of useful tips on tantric sex. It is in vain to look here for long deliberations about philosophy. We recommend those who want to know first whether tantra is something for them.

Tantra. The art of conscious love

Charles Muir and Caroline Muir, a pair of yoga teachers, wrote a book in which they discuss the content of Hindu esoteric books in a manner accessible to modern lovers. They write about the philosophy of tantra, sexual rituals and how to achieve the ecstatic connection of two people.

The spectrum of ecstasy. Emotions as the path of inner tantra

Emotions and control over them is an indispensable part of tantra. Mastering them, cumulating and releasing energy are the path to absolute pleasure. This is what Khandro Deczen and Ngakpa Chögyam write about. They guide readers through the process of gaining internal self-awareness, which is a preparation for the full experience of love for two.


Is it worth trying Tantric sex? Yes of course. Even if it does not allow to change your bedroom life, it will most certainly heat the atmosphere. Every attempt at something new is something positive for you and introduces your relationship to a higher level. Tantric sex is above all an experience of love and unparalelled closeness. Teach you to look carefully at your bodies and enjoy every touch. Tantra requires patience and time for lovers to learn their reactions and gradually discover their secrets. What promises in return is an unforgettable experience together with a partner, where the common pleasure will be the highest reward.

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