Exclusive erotic store - Releve

We have created the luxury erotic store Releve to allow couples to realize their dreams and fantasies in a relationship. Our goal is to help them cross borders and achieve sexual satisfaction. Our dream is to make Releve become a synonym of sexual satisfaction and fulfilment that makes every relationship grow and last.

Ars amandi, the art of love, has been perfected for centuries. It saturates culture and art, we can point to dozens of texts about it. In recent years, thanks to the bestselling book series of the author hiding under the pseudonym E.L. James, crowds of people, even in permanent relationships with long-term experience, understand that they can and should expect something more from their partner. We've created an exclusive Releve store to offer you a journey from dreams to practice, from poetic fantasy to real, though seemingly - so unusual - experience. Treat fiction as inspiration, and create your own erotic stories with us...

What are you looking for?

Erotic accessories tailored to different needs

Love can be celebrated in many ways, which is why we offer you carefully selected, exclusive erotic accessories tailored to different needs and allowing you to implement the most unconventional ideas.

We divided them according to several categories.
The first one is Romance . You will find here refined oils and candles for sensual massage and gels for a romantic bath for two, all that will allow you to enter the appropriate mood in the bedroom .
The category Chemistry of love offers all kinds of lubricants, gels and creams that will bring to your life an erotic experience straight from Kamasutra.
The Bondage category is a real "red room" with Bondage accessories . Handcuffs, gags, collars, crosses and bondage ropes - these are just some of the domination accessories available there. Hence, close to the Punishment section, where you will find complementary accessories in BDSM area : floggers, paddles and riding crops. Available accessories come from exclusive series and seduce not only with quality but also design referring to the history of Ars Amandi.
If you are looking for a bold experience, in the category Anal you will find relaxing oils, sprays and vibrators and anal plugs that will introduce you into a new world of sexual sensations.

The category Vibrations contains high quality vibrators, massagers, clitoral and G-point stimulators from well-known global brands.

In the exclusive sex shop Releve you will also find accessories for sublime love games - strip kits, playful decorations for the body, feathery boas and Venetian masks that will help to light the fire of lust.

We also have gadgets that you can use together or alone. We have collected a large collection of LELO personal massagers that combine elegant design with technological achievements.

If you are thinking about watching an erotic movie, and do not know where to start, please visit the Erotic games where we carefully selected the tasteful positions from global labels.

No matter if you are looking for a gift for your loved one or for a weekend outing, be sure to look into the Gifts section. Here you will find a number of erotic gifts that will ignite the fire of love not only in Valentine's Day but also suitable for any other occasion.

Open up to new sensations!

The luxury erotic Releve store was created as a fulfilment of bold fantasies, above all to inspire the dreams of our guests. We want to open you to previously unknown experiences. We often talk about balancing on the border and crossing it. We encourage you to test it, while stressing - everything within the safety limits.

"Is that all there is?" - sang in the 1960s Miss Peggy Lee, expressing, among others, disappointment with sex and choosing a dance instead. However, similar thoughts do not threaten our guests. Are various accessories all you can find here? No. The uniqueness of our erotic store is determined by one more category of products that we offer. As we have already said, our goal is to inspire you to explore new horizons and that's why we created the love scenarios . These unique, stylish boxes contain not only accessories, but also instructions for adventures that you can experience together. They require one more ingredient - your time, because they will not last for a short while. We differentiate them in terms of intensity and divide them into three types of stories: Romance, Experiment and Transcendence. It's worth trying a romance, unless you are sure that your relationship is ready for bolder fun. You can check what's inside, but remember - it will spoil the surprise.

Fifty shades of Grey or the Marquis de Sade stories are certainly stimulating, but let's get from them only the best. If on the other hand you already have a specific scenario in mind, and you only need props, erotic accessories, you will find them in our store. However, we do not teach the basics. Our products are aimed at mature, adult Guests who use innocence as one of the erotic roles.