Bijoux Indiscrets - Burlesque Pasties (white)

Taste the atmosphere of the exclusive boudoir or sensual magic of Moulin Rouge with overlays on Bijoux Indiscrets nipples, let yourself be invited to discover sensual erotica in your own bedroom or transfer your love of fun into a stylish interior of an exclusive hotel.

The sensual decoration of the nipples will change your closeness into an erotic dance straight from the Parisian burlesque and will allow you to rediscover your sensuality. Dare to do something extraordinary and you will be happy to discover how even small experiments diversify your love life.

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Product description

Become an exuberant character with Bijoux Indiscrets’ Burlesque Pasties. A delicate homage to the 19th century stage, full of glamour and sensuality.

Contents: leather nipple-covers, adhesive tapes.

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