Shunga - Aphrodisiac Oil Caramel Kisses 100 ml

Wake your body up with a warming oil from the Shunga series. Its sensual fragrance will take you along with your partner to the heavenly land of ecstasy. Try it out during a romantic evening and taste it from your bodies. Under the influence of soft intimate kisses, the oil will strengthen your feelings for each other and make the pleasure of the intercourse last longer. It is perfect for an erotic massage, thanks to which you will create a unique atmosphere of intimacy with your partner. Aphrodisiac Oil has stimulating and moisturizing properties that will not only help to arouse the desire, but also to get rid of fatigue and increase the secretion of sex hormones. It is a perfect gift to rekindle the passion in your bedroom.


Product description

Inspired by Japanese erotic art, the Shunga range of products caters to lovers of love. A true invitation to travel, these elegant and refined cosmetics are imbued with sensuality, excitement and passion.

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