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Anal sex is a taboo that only some people have the courage to overcome. This is the next level of initiation in the path of sexual development and the search for new types of pleasure. It is exciting not only because of new physical sensations but also by emotional feelings. This very simple form of love requires subtle preparations and proper conduct to bring the partner to fulfillment. That is why we have introduced a separate category for people who want to try and for those for whom Greek love is not the first.

To make anal sex a pleasure it is best to prepare the body for this before the act. Pjur sprays have been created for this purpose. These small, condensed atomisers contain powerful doses of anal sex ointments that should be used half an hour before the intercourse. They are available in two versions - analyse me is a delicate version for novice enthusiasts of the rear entrance. Back door is a measure for connoisseurs of more intense anal close-ups - it allows for deep and stimulating penetration.

In the option for vegans Intimate Earth has prepared a Daring Anal spray with lemongrass, which causes relaxation allowing a pleasant and deep ratio without the effect of anesthesia. In addition, Intimate Earth has created the Ease Anal lubricant - an odorless and tasteless product that will ensure full sexual pleasure even for those sensitive to other products of this type.

Regardless of whether you are preparing for the first anal games, or whether you have already allowed yourself more the important element of the setting is lubricants and gels to be used during the close-up. Here, the Pjur brand with three series comes to the rescue - Analyze me, Analyze me comfort and Back door. Choosing the right specifics and choosing it for your plans for an unforgettable night will ensure the comfort of getting closer and unforgettable impressions..

In this category you will also find equipment useful in introducing the Greek love for the sexual repertoire. We offer Booty Plug set anal plugs from the exclusive Rianne S series. The caps are packed in different sizes to allow a smooth transition from mild to more exciting stimulation. We also offer Lelo brand anal massagers - simple and surprisingly strong Loki and remote controlled Hugo, which allows remote control of vibrations even from an adjacent room.