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Sexual satisfaction can be experienced with another person or solo. In both cases, it is worth having a helper with you who will give us an orgasm spelled with a large O. Whether you are traveling with someone or yourself on an erotic journey, the vibrator used to achieve pleasure should be characterized by reliability and various possibilities of use. What is more important than the equipment that will lead you to erotic ecstasy every time.

The first category of vibrators worth mentioning are wands, i.e. massagers used to caress intimate places without penetration. It is worth to buy such equipment because you can use it both to play solo and help you achieve satisfaction with the partner during intercourse. Here we propose a smart wand from Lelo, available in two sizes, a device with a very powerful motor that makes multiple orgasms no longer remain in the dream zone. These luxury massagers are not only effective but also look beautiful by seducing the eye with their modern design.

For playing solo or preparing an erotic show partner we recommend penetration vibrators available in different versions. The classic simple Elise 2 vibrator is another version of the classic from the Swedish producer. This inconspicuous vibrator is equipped with engines - at the tip and at the base for stronger and longer orgasms. For lovers of intense orgasms, so-called bunny or vibrator with a small massager at the end. Ina Wave from Lelo is a new generation vibrator that surprises us with 10 different vibration programs with the ability to control the pace. This vibrator is also waterproof and has a powerful battery that allows for 2 hours of uninterrupted fun.

For lovers of classics with a modern twist we suggest Lelo vibrators for use during intercourse. They give the erotic pleasure of both partners during sex allowing for additional stimulation of intimate places. Tiani 2 is a classic proposition that gives the possibility of 8 different vibration programs, including two controlled by wrist movements. The Tiani 3 has been enriched with a stronger engine than the older version also completely waterproof. For those who love the highest luxury, this vibrator is also available in 24-carat gold version.